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Welcome to our blog! We'll be posting all sorts of interesting ads to our blog. Many of these advertisements are highly controversial due to the time-period they were created in. We're sharing these ads because we find them to have historical interest... not because we promote their messages! Please join in the conversation and comment on our blog posts, we'd love to hear your thoughts and insights!

Jack Daniels

Posted by Administrator on 7/6/2012 to Featured Ad Series of the Week

It's hard to ignore the success of an advertising campaign when it spans over 4 decades! 
Jack Daniel's series of black & white photography advertisements is an excellent example. This series of ads has been in circulation starting in the 50's all the way into the 2000's! Just like the Original No. 7 hasn't changed much over the years, I guess they feel the same way about their advertising.

Of course, these ads are effective by reminding us of a bygone-era. (I'm sure the usage of Black and White photography is completely intentional!). They highlight an era when things were done differently and traditions were important. In fact, many of the advertisements focus on a particular tradition of the distillery.
Personally, I also love the historical aspect of these advertisements. Each individual ad gives you a small piece of Jack Daniel's history that might seem insignificant. But as a compilation, these ads combine to give you a real sense of the rich history behind this American icon. You might learn about how the wood is gathered for charcoal, why the bottle is square, what kind of water is used or many other details.

To see more of our Jack Daniel's advertisements, visit them here.

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