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Welcome to our blog! We'll be posting all sorts of interesting ads to our blog. Many of these advertisements are highly controversial due to the time-period they were created in. We're sharing these ads because we find them to have historical interest... not because we promote their messages! Please join in the conversation and comment on our blog posts, we'd love to hear your thoughts and insights!

Women in WWII - Sierra Pine Soap Ads

Posted by Administrator on 4/27/2012 to Featured Ad Series of the Week
WWII helped to bring about a huge cultural change in the United States. It was not common for a woman to work outside of the home. But, with so many men shipped off to war... women very successfully stepped in to fill the workforce. One of the advertising campaigns from the period that helps to illustrate all this was a series of ads from Sierra Pine soap. Their basic concept was that women worked their "manly" jobs during the day... came home, cleaned up... and were back to their feminine selfs. Read More

Child Labor

Posted by Administrator on 4/20/2012 to Featured Ad Series of the Week
One thing that I have always found interesting about vintage advertising is how much the world has changed in such a relatively short period of time. Advertising really gives us good insight to the culture of a particular era. I was recently struck by two advertisements we recently listed on our site. These ads were from the National Child Labor Committee, and illustrate some of the early stages in reforming child labor laws in the United States. Read More...

Joe Camel Cigarette Ads

Posted by Administrator on 4/13/2012 to Featured Ad Series of the Week
I find it very interesting to see how what is acceptable in advertising changes through the times. You don't have to look too far back in history to find examples. The Camel cigarette advertising campaign featuring Joe Camel definitely helps to illustrate this point. This 10-year ad campaign ran from the late 80's to the late 90's, and had a tremendous impact on advertising in the United States. Read More...

Honeywell Computer Component Ads

Posted by Administrator on 4/6/2012 to Featured Ad Series of the Week
Advertising is such a visual medium, it's no surprise that companies put a lot of effort into their artwork. Honeywell is a great example. They ran a very successful ad campaign in the 60's and 70's using sculptures that they created from their computer components. These sculptures were mainly of animals, and the detail is just incredible!