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Welcome to our blog! We'll be posting all sorts of interesting ads to our blog. Many of these advertisements are highly controversial due to the time-period they were created in. We're sharing these ads because we find them to have historical interest... not because we promote their messages! Please join in the conversation and comment on our blog posts, we'd love to hear your thoughts and insights!

What's Lurking in the Ladies' Room?

Posted by Administrator on 4/30/2014 to Interesting Ads

Would you Challenge an Uzi?

Posted by Administrator on 4/23/2014 to Interesting Ads

American Medical Association - Who Runs America?

Posted by Administrator on 4/16/2014 to Interesting Ads
Here's a really interesting vintage ad, that relates to our current health care debate! Published by the American Medical Association, this ad discusses compulsory health insurance and urges grass roots movement against government involvement. After 60+ years... does any of this still sound familiar?

1950 American Medical Association Ad, Who Runs America?

Millions of Women Have Quit Working on Washday!

Posted by Administrator on 4/9/2014 to Interesting Ads
I doubt you'd see an ad like this run today. Sure... I get it... washers & dryers are a lot easier than washing clothes by hand. But, I don't think anyone would say it gave them a chance to quit working. There's still plenty of work with sorting, folding, ironing and putting clothes away. Not to mention... guys can do all this, too!