Samsonite Luggage in Space?

I love the graphics on this one! Although, I wonder if all that luggage weighs less in space... 

1983 Samsonite Silhouette Ad - George I. Parrish Jr.

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Aren't you Glad We have Clean Flour?

Now here's something we take for granted... clean flour! Amazing how different the world was 100 years ago!

1914 Gold Medal Flour Ad - Clean Mills

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D-Daddy get the Texcel Tape!

This vintage ad really targets your emotions! Sure... you don't see paper dolls around much anymore... but anyone can relate to the disappointment of a child! Who wouldn't go get the tape?

1950 Texcel Tape Ad - D-Daddy Get the Texcel Tape!

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Bacardi Mixes With Everything Except Driving

Gotta admit... this ad's pretty well done! Great graphics and a clear message!

1983 Bacardi Rum Ad - Mixes With Everything

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